Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Vacation so close I can smell it!

Tomorrow evening, around 5 pm, AST, my wife and I will start a week of holidays. We were unable to follow our customary practice of taking a week off in late April or early May. This was due, in part, to all of our children being in Europe while we, poor deprived parents that we are, looked after a couple of grand-cats. So we are ready for a little R&R at the cottage.

Please understand my vacations are a bit odd in that I take lots of work to do with me. This includes my current manuscript, my portable "office" which contains all things real estate plus the cemetery stuff. Oddly enough, our extended family owns a cemetery and I, the one with the flexible work schedule, have the pleasure of managing it for little pay.

So it is a working vacation, but working while sitting in the shade with a cold drink, beats the hell out of the office any day.

Maybe I'll get "Jimmy and Cinder" finished and ready to send out.

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