Monday, September 6, 2010

Thanks for the pass Earl

Hurricane Earl, downgraded to Tropical Storm Earl (how embarrassing for him) gave the Moncton area a pass and just dumped a fair amount of much needed rain on us.  Thanks Earl.

Halifax took a bit more of a hit and a big chunk of Nova Scotia seemed to be out of power for most of Saturday and into Sunday.  It may just be my imagination, but I think the NS grid is a bit fragile compared to the NB one.  No wonder Quebec wanted to buy ours and not theirs.  It seems that if a Minke Whale in the Bay of Fundy is pointed the wrong way and passes a bit of gas, as whales are known to do, NS looses it's power.  I could be wrong on this but the had 157,000 people without power and we had 600, just saying, that's all.

Anyway, it wasn't as bad a Hurricane Juan who paid us a visit 7 years ago.  Juan was a category 2 and he made his presence felt like a bad burrito.  Of course, we Maritimers, who rarely get real hurricanes, and fell at one with the ocean take the approach of a hurricane a bit differently than our friends to the south.

When a hurricane approaches the southern climes, people stock up on water, put plywood over their windows and hunker down.  What do we do?  Go the the liquor store, stop at Tim Hortens for a coffee, and go down to the shore to "Watch 'er come in." Duh.  It must keep God busy protecting us Maritimers because we generally don't get killed when we do stuff like that.

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