Thursday, February 3, 2011

Man are we lucky!

I look out the window and I see we received another 25cm of snow.  Since Christmas it's been - give us this week our big snow storm ... - .  I hear lots of grumbling but I have been thinking, can you imagine living in Egypt, or Tunisia, Haiti, Darfur, Afghanistan, or poor Queensland, Australia?  Then you would have something to complain about!

Here is Canada, and especially in the Maritimes, we forget how lucky we are to live here.  Watching the evening news should remind us but we grow complacent and forget.  The above picture is a building in downtown Moncton last Canada Day festival.  Lots of people in the streets - just listening to the live music on stage and not a brick being thrown. Priceless! 

The world is in turmoil in so many places.  Lets all hope that when it's all over, things are better for those people brave enough to try to make a difference.

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